Posted on Mar 13, 2020

Natural Hair Treatment B4 Getting Braids

Mar 13, 2020 – Mar 14, 2020
Dear Customer,

Below you will find a natural hair treatment recipe used for natural black hair.  It is good to do weekly in between your protective style or before getting braids. It is made of:

2 Egg yolk 

Oils such as shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, organ oil, castor oil, veggie oil or coconut oil or any of those oil or their combination.

Citrus like lemon, orange or grapefruit.

Fresh ripe avocado.

*Note: please do not put too much oil. Also don’t have a placenta, keratin treatments before getting certain braids like human hair micro braids specially on soft hair.

STEPS Of Treatment mixture.

1) First you take the 2 eggs yolk

2) Then slowly add the organic oil of your your choice. 1/4 cup is enough.

Whisk it and add slowly while whisking the citrus. Almost like making a mayonnaise. Beat it with a fork or small whisk until its smooth.  You can use real mayonnaise that has nothing added to and directly add the avocado to it. But nothing better than the fresh ingredients.

3)Slowly press the lemon, grapefruit or orange.

4)Then beat it smooth and mash the avocado to add in it as well.

5) Add a deep conditioner like ORS replenish pack or regular deep conditioner of your choice that worked well for your hair before. It will look like guacamole you add milk cream to.

6) Add the mixture to your clean hair and wrap it with a plastic bag from 20mn to 2 hours. Some goes to bed with it  until the next morning for 6 to 8 hours. Super damage
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